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Chicago Jazz CD Reviews

Artist/Group Name Album name Reviewer
Andy Brown Trio and Solo Tim Gault
Billy Hart All Our Reasons Hrayr Attarian
Billy Hart One is the Other Hrayr Attarian
Bobby Broom Upper West Side Story Dan Healy
Bradley Williams and Gingi Lahera Personality Dan Healy
Chris Greene Quartet A Group Effort Paul Abella
Darden Purcell Easy Living Hrayr Attarian
Erin McDougald Meeting Place Tim Gault
Joan Hickey Between the Lines Paul Abella
Marilyn Crispell & Gary Peacock Azure Hrayr Attarian
Mark Moultrup Dar Co Hrayr Attarian
Rhythm Rockets She Swings Blue, Vol. 2: After Hours Hrayr Attarian
Roy Haynes A Life In Time Paul Abella
The Kahil El’Zabar Quartet What It Is! Hrayr Attarian
Aaron Koppel The Wild Call of the Multi-Tasker Paul Abella
Aaron Koppel Falling Together Paul Abella
Aaron Koppel Multiverse Paul Abella
Aaron Koppel Quartet Falling Together, Falling Apart Paul Abella
Abigail Riccards Every Little Star paul abella
Alex Mercado Alex Mercado Hrayr Attarian
Alfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan Sweet Home Dan Healy
Algernon Familiar Espionage Paul Abella
Alison Ruble This is a Bird Paul Abella
Alyssa Allgood Lady Bird Dan Healy
Amy Jill and Bradley Williams Snow Snow Snow Snow Hrayr Attarian
Andy Brown Andy Brown Hrayr Attarian
Angel Spiccia Angel... one day, all too soon Randy Freedman
Anne Burnell Summer Days and Dreamy Nights Hrayr Attarian
Anouar Brahem Souvenance Hrayr Attarian
Ari Hoenig Punk Bop Live at Smalls Hyrayr Attarian
Arlene Bardelle Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Hrayr Attarian
Ava Logan So Many Stars Tim Gault
Beka Gochiashvili Beka Gochiashvili Dan Healy
Ben Neuman Introductions Paul Abella
Ben Paterson Breathing Space Paul Abella
Ben Paterson Essential Elements Hrayr Attarian
Bill McFarland and the Chicago Horns Live Fire Hrayr Attarian
Bill Overton The Sun Will Shine Hrayr Attarian
BMR4 Fixing a Hole Hrayr Attarian
Bob Dogan Bob Dogan Sings Ballads paul abella
Bob Dogan My Blues Roots Paul Abella
Bobby Broom The Way I Play Paul Abella
Bobby Broom Bobby Broom Plays for Monk Paul Abella
Bobby Broom My Shining Hour Hrayr Attarian
Bobby Lewis Mellifluous Tones Dan Healy
Bonzo Terks Quartet Paul Abella
Brad Goode Polytonal Dance Party Paul Abella
Bradley Williams 3 Hrayr Attarian
Caroline Davis Live, Work and Play Paul Abella
Caroline Davis Doors: Chicago Storylines Dan Healy
Charles Lloyd Mirror Hrayr Attarian
Chet Baker with the Bradley Young Trio Chet In Chicago Philip Davia
Chicago Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble Blueprints Paul Abella
Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Collective Creativity Mike Jeffers
Chicago Yestet Jazz Is Politics? Philip Davia
Chris Foreman Now is the Time Hrayr Attarian
Chris Graham Trio After-Birth of Cool Paul Abella
Chris Greene Merge Paul Abella
Chris Greene Music Appreciation Dan Healy
Chris Madsen Chris Madsen Trio Plays Bix Beiderbecke Dan Healy
Chris Madsen Pop Art Hrayr Attarian
Chris Potter Sirens Hrayr Attarian
Chris White Tributaries Tim Gault
Chuck Webb No Smoke No Mirrors Hrayr Attarian
Clark Sommers Ba(SH) Dan Healy
Colin Vallon Rruga Hrayr Attarian
Colleen McNabb Dont Go To Stangers Paul Abella
Come Sunday Crosscurrents Hrayr Attarian
Craig Pilo Unsupervised Hrayr Attarian
Dan Cray Meridies Dan Healy
Dave Ness Trio Sketches Hrayr Attarian
David Berkman Self-Portrait Dan Healy
David Berkman Old Friends and New Friends Dan Healy
David Herzhaft Jazzin’ Around tim gault
David Ness Layers Hrayr Attarian
David Virelles Mboko Hrayr Attarian
Deane Myers Deane Myers––Solo/Duo Paul Abella
Dee Alexander Songs My Mother Loves Hrayr Attarian
Deep Blue Organ Trio Folk Tales Paul Abella
Deep Blue Organ Trio Wonderful! Hrayr Attarian
Denise Brigham Hotel Lafayette Philip Davia
Don Stiernberg Mandoboppin Randy Freeman
Don Stille Keys to My Heart Paul Abella
Donovan Mixon Culmination Hrayr Attarian
Doug MacDonald Reorganized Quartet Hrayr Attarian
Ernest Dawkins Afro Straight Hrayr Attarian
Ernie Watts Oasis Dan Healy
Ernie Watts Quartet A Simple Truth Hrayr Attarian
Fareed Haque Trance Hypothesis Hrayr Attarian
Fat Babies Chicago Hot Hrayr Attarian
Frank Caruso & Eddie Gomez Analea Paul Abella
Frank Catalano Love Supreme Collective Daniel Healy
Frank D’Rone Double Exposure Paul Abella
Frank Portolese Plectrum Jazz Guitar Solos Hrayr Attarian
Frank Rosaly Cicada Music Hrayr Attarian
Frank Russell Circle Without End Dan Healy
Fred Anderson 21st Century Chase: 80th Birthday Bash, Live at the Velvet Lounge H. Attarian
Fred Lonberg-Holm and the Fast Citizens Gather Hrayr Attarian
From This Place (Tilapia) Deanna Witkowski Paul Abella
Geof Bradfield Urban Nomad Paul Abella
George Freeman and Chico Freeman All in the Family Hrayr Attarian
Grazyna Auguscik Man Behind the Sun: Songs of Nick Drake Dan Healy
Grazyna Auguscik & Paulinho Garcia Andanca Paul Abella
Greg Spero Acoustic Hrayr Attarian
Guitarra Azul Mariposa Randy Freedman
Gustavo Cortiñas Snapshot Hrayr Attarian
Howard Alden/ Andy Brown Quartet Heavy Artillery Hrayr Attarian
Howard Levy Tonight and Tomorrow Paul Abella
Howard Levy Steering By The Stars Hrayr Attarian
Human Spirit Dialogue Nik Stevanovich
Ian Torres Big Band January Dan Healy
Ira Sullivan & The Jim Holman Trio Blue Skies Hrayr Attarian
Ira Sullivan and Stu Katz A Family Affair: Live at Joe Segals Jazz Showcase Dan Healy
Jack DeJohnette Special Edition Hrayr Attarian
Jack DeJohnette Made in Chicago Hrayr Attarian
Jackie Allen Starry Night Paul Abella
Jackie Allen My Favorite Color Paul Abella
James Sanders with The Kevin O’Connell Trio Blue Violin: A Legacy Dan Healy
Janet Sanzo More Than Ever Dan Healy
Jason Adasiewiczs Sunrooms From the Region Hrayr Attarian
Jason Ajemian Folklords Hrayr Attarian
Jason Price Collaborations Hrayr Attarian
Jason Stein The Story This Time Hrayr Attarian
Jeannie Lambert Alone With The Blues Randy Freedman
Jeannie Tanner Promise Me the Moon Mike Jeffers
Jeannie Tanner You Can Kiss Me Into Anything Hrayr Attarian
Jeff Mackevich Live Jazz at Curts Cafe Dan Healy
Jeff Parker Bright Light in Winter Hrayr Attarian
Jessica Lee Persistence Hrayr Attarian
Jim Holman Explosion! Hrayr Attarian
Jim Massoth & Frank Caruso Songs From the Kingdom of Jazz Paul Abella
Jim Sellers Playin' Dan Healy
Joanie Pallatto & Marshall Vente Two Again Dan Healy
Joe Marcinek Band Both Sides Paul Abella
John McLean Better Angels Paul Abella
John Moulder The Eleventh Hour: Live At The Green Mill Dan Healy
John Temmerman Live In Evanston—John's Mixed Bag Tim Gault
John Wojciechowski Lexicon Paul Abella
Jordan Baskin High Card Dan Healy
Josh Berman There Now Hrayr Attarian
Josh Berman A Dance and a Hop Hrayr Attarian
Josh Moshier & Mike Lebrun Joy Not Jaded Philip Davia
Josie Falbo Taylor Street Dan Healy
Juli Wood 5 4 3 2 1 Dan Healy
June Shellene Wait Til Midnight Ends Hyrayr Attarian
Karl E. H. Siegfried A Portrait of Jack Johnson Hrayr Attarian
Keefe Jackson A Round Goal Hrayr Attarian
Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden Jasmine Hrayr Attarian
Kelly Brand Afternoon In June Paul Abella
Kelly Brand Nextet The Door Tim Gault
Kevin Cline (with special guest Bobby Shew) Make up Your Mind Daniel Healy
Kevin Fort Red Gold Hrayr Attarian
Kimberly Gordon Organ Trio Sunday Paul Abella
Kurt Elling The Gate Paul Abella
Larry Gray 1,2,3 Mike Jeffers
Larry Gray Three Equals One Hrayr Attarian
Lathe of Heaven Mark Turner HrayrAttarian
Le Percolateur Pop Manouche Dan Healy
Lee Konitz Live At Birdland Hrayr Attarian
Libby York Here With You Paul Abella
Libby York Memoir Hrayr Attarian
Lou Marini Starmaker Hrayr Attarian
Louis Sclavis Silk and Salt Melodies Silk and Salt Melodies Hrayr Attarian
M13 1 Human, Too Human Hrayr Attarian
Mahlis-Panos Project Protoleia Hrayr Attarian
Makaya McCraven Split Decision Paul Abella
Makaya McCraven In the Moment Hrayr Attarian
Marc Piane Walk East Paul Abella
Marc Pompe Hi-Fly Hrayr Attarian
Marc Pompe Monks Dream Judy Roberts
Marc Pompe Trio Reeltime Randy Freedman
Mark Colby Reflections Paul Abella
Mark Moultrup Relaxin' on the Edge Hrayr Attarian
Mark Sonksen Climbing Mountains Hrayr Attarian
Mark Sonksen Postales Del Sur Hrayr Attarian
Marlene Rosenberg Bassprint Hrayr Attarian
Marquis Hill Sounds of the City Hrayr Attarian
Marquis Hill The Poet Hrayr Attarian
Marquis Hill Modern Flows EP, Vol. 1 Hrayr Attarian
Marshall Vente Marshall Arts Tim Gault
Matt Geraghty Project Departures Paul Abella
Matt Nelson Nostalgiamaniac Hrayr Attarian
Matt Ulery Themes and Scenes Hrayr Attarian
Matt Ulery In the Ivory Hrayr Attarian
Matt Ulerys Loom Music Box Ballerina Paul Abella
Matt Young Diggin' In CJM Staff
Merge Quintet Delays Daniel Healy
Miguel Zenon Identities are Changeable Hrayr Attarian
Mike Allemana Lins Holiday Paul Abella
Mosaik Integral Decomposition Paul Abella
Nick Schneider Pullin Strings Paul Abella
Nicole Mitchell’s Ice Crystals Aquarius Hrayr Attarian
Nobuki Takamen Three Wishes Hrayr Attarian
Obert Davis Sketches of Spain Hrayr Attarian
Orbert Davis' Chicago Jazz Philharmonic We Salute The Troops: Home & Away Dan Healy
Pat Mallinger with Dan Trudell Dragon Fish Hrayr Attarian
Patricia Barber The Cole Porter Mix Paul Abella
Paul Abella Trio Mainstreamism Tim Gault
Paul Abella Trio plus One Paul Abella Quartet––A Change In Plans Hrayr Attarian
Paul Hartsaw Circuitses Hrayr Attarian
Paul Kogut Turn of Phrase Dan Healy
Paul Marinaro Without A Song Dan Healy
Paul Tynan and Aaron Lington Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Three Hrayr Attarian
Paul Wertico’s Mid East/Mid West Alliance Impressions of a City Paul Abella
Pessi & Wallumrød If Grief Could Wait Hrayr Attarian
Peter Lerner Cry For Peace Paul Abella
Peter Lerner Continuation Tessa D’Agosta
Peter Schwendener Kickstand Hrayr Attarian
Petra Van Nuis and Andy Brown Far Away Places Randy Freedman
Pharez Whitted Transient Journey Paul Abella
Ramsey Lewis and his Electronic Band Ramsey Taking Another Look Hrayr Attarian
Ray Bailey Ray Bailey and Friends Hrayr Attarian
Rebecca Sullivan and Mike Allemana This Way, This Time Dan Healy
Red Holloway Go Red Go! Paul abella
Reptet Chicken or Beef paul abella
Rhythm Rockets She Swings Blue Volume 1: The Joint Is Jumpin Randy Freedman
Riccards & Romano Soft Rains Hrayr Attarian
Rich Corpolongo Get Happy Paul Abella
Richie Cole Castle Bop Hrayr Attarian
Richie Pardo I Get the Message Volume I Hrayr Attarian
Rio Bamba Our Surprise Randy Freedman
Rob Mazurek Starlicker Hrayr Attarian
Rob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet Stellar Pulsations Hrayr Attarian
Rooms Trio Rooms Dan Healy
Roscoe Mitchell Note Factory Far Side Hrayr Attarian
Rose Colella The Small Hours Paul Abella
Rose Colella Cocktail Hrayr Attarian
Roy McGrath Quartet Martha Dan Healy
Russ Phillips One Morning in May paul abella
Ryan Cohan Another Look Hrayr Attarian
Ryan Cohan The River Hrayr Attarian
Ryan Shultz Hair Dryers Hrayr Attarian
Sabertooth Dr. Midnight Paul Abella
Sackville All Stars The Christmas Record Hrayr Attarian
Sam Fazio The Songs We Love Hrayr Attarian
Sam Fazio I Wish You Love Dan Healy
Sam Fazio I Wish You Love Dan Healy
São Paulo Underground Três Cabeças Loucuras Hrayr Attarian
Sara Serpa Mobile Hrayr Attarian
Sarah Marie Young Expressive Hrayr Attarian
Scott Earl Holman Quartet Ode Dan Healy
Scott Hesse The Stillness of Motion Hrayr Attarian
Shawn Maxwell Originals II Paul Abella
Shawn Maxwell Urban Vigilante Paul Abella
Shawn Maxwells Maxwells House Hrayr Attarian
Shawn Maxwells Alliance The Bridge Hrayr Attarian
Shawn Maxwells Alliance Shawn Maxwells Alliance Dan Healy
Silvano Monasterios, Mark Egan, Paul Wertico Impressions Paul Abella
Sonny G I’ll Be Laughing Tonight Mike Jeffers
Spare Parts Trio chicago jazz | spare parts
Steve Kuhn Wisteria Hrayr Attarian
Steve Million Remembering the Way Home Hrayr Attarian
Steven Hashimotos Mothra Tradewind Paul Abella
Stu Mindeman In Your Waking Eyes Hrayr Attarian
Susanne Abbuehl The Gift Hrayr Attarian
Swing Hakim Swing Hakim Hrayr Attarian
Ted Hogarths Mulligan Mosaics Big Band Live At The Jazz Showcase Paul Abella
Terry Bartolotta Above the Clouds Hrayr Attarian
The Harris Group Choices Hrayr Attarian
The Hue Beyond Words Paul Abella
The Humble Organisms Humble Beginnings HrayrAttarian
The Rhythm Rockets She Swings Blue Volume 1: The Joint Is Jumpin’ Randy Freeman
The Rhythm Rockets She Swings Blue Volume 2: After Hours Randy Freedman
Tim Berne Snakeoil Hrayr Attarian
Tim Seisser T.S.5. Live! Hrayr Attarian
Tito Carrillo Opening Statement Hrayr Attarian
Todd Bishop’s Pop Art Four 69 Annee Erotique Paul Abella
Tony Do Rosario’s New Chicago Jazz Quartet New Beginnings Tim Gault
Typhanie Monique, Neal Alger & Friends Yuletide Groove Philip Davia
UIC Jazz Ensemble Intuition Dan Healy
Unhinged Sextet Clarity Hrayr Attarian
Union League Civic and Arts Foundation Jazz Improvisation Competition Winners Chicago Palette Hrayr Attarian
Vanguard Jazz Orchestra Overtime Hrayr Attarian
Whirlpool Dancing on the Inside Hrayr Attarian
Zvonimir Tot Unspoken Desire Paul Abella
Zvonimir Tot Eloquent Silence Paul Abella