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Hungry Chicks Dining Club

The Hungry Chicks is a dining group with very different palates. The group includes Christine a vegetarian looking for meat free dishes, Liz a Pilates instructor looking for healthy dishes, Erin a gluten sensitive chick, looking to avoid foods made with wheat gluten, and Laura who is not looking for any particular type of dish other than extraordinary food presented with excellent service. As you can see the Hungry Chicks are not the easiest group to accommodate. The group searches for unique and fine dining experiences throughout Chicago. A review from the Hungry Chicks can help your finicky group find the best place to dine in Chicago. For more information or if you have a restaurant you think the Hungry Chicks would enjoy email them at

Dining Club Reviews

Hungry Chicks

The restaurant is decorated with beautiful artwork from local artists (which are for sale—Lula's Café does not take a commission, the artist receives all the money). Hungry Chicks Review of LaZapatista
LaZapatista—the South Loop

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