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The Ultimate Chicago Jazz Promotional Package

The Place where Musicians can Promote their Recordings, Performances and Teaching

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Mike Jeffers, CEO Chicago Jazz Magazine

I can honestly say that being successful in the music business these days takes a lot of effort and hard work! Sure being able to play and present yourself and your music is very important but how do you get the gigs, make the connections and develop a business?

That's the big question!

I remember reading years ago the famous saying...

"A funny thing happens when you don't market yourself…Not Much!"

Marketing, promotion, advertising are things that they don't teach you in music school but are the most important elements in order to become a successful musician.

I realized this quickly when I returned from college and I had to learn everything I know about marketing, promotion, publishing, event coordination and advertising on my own. I was lucky enough to work with some very successful people when it came to music, events and promotion but consume tons of marketing and advertising material with the sole purpose of finding different ways to apply it to my situation as a musician.

Over the years...
I have used the elements of the Ultimate Promotional Package to get steady gigs, develop a fan base, book corporate receptions, private parties, weddings, festivals, club dates and more.

This is why I can honestly say that the Ultimate Chicago Jazz Promotional Package is the easiest and most effective way for a jazz musician from anywhere in the country to promote themselves to thousands of enthusiastic jazz fans throughout Chicagoland.

For just $29.95 per month you will be seen by hundreds of jazz fans a day as well as club owners, festival promoters, event planners and many others. There isn't any simple way to be successful in the music business these days however with the Ultimate Promotional Package it has gotten a whole lot easier!

I look forward to working with you!

Here is what The Ultimate Promotional Package Includes:

#1-Print Ad in Chicago Jazz Magazine (Readership 20,000)

#2-Inclusion in our Weekly E-blast to over 8000 subscribers complete with a photo, description, link, performance schedule

#3-Inclusion in our Weekly Social Media post to over 6,000 fans and followers

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#4-FREE Subscription to Chicago Jazz Magazine (Each issue is mailed to your house!)

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#5-Because you are a member you will receive a 1/2 price ad in the official program for the Chicago Jazz Festival.

#6 - As a member you can submit yourself or your group to be included in our entertainment rooster on We have specific requirments in order to be included on the site but we can walk you through the process.

PLUS You will receive these THREE more FREE Bonuses

FREE Setup of your Print ad by Chicago Jazz Magazine Designers

FREE Pair of HD Etymotic Earplugs

FREE Compilation CD

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"I think Mike Jeffers of is very dedicated personally to Chicago jazz and to furthering the word."
Chicago Trumpeter Bobby Lewis

Here is the Guarantee

If after you become a member you don't feel that you have gotten more exposure then ever before on the Chicago Jazz scene we will cancel your membership! That's it. No problem. However after you have an ad in each issue of Chicago Jazz Magazine, a website and videos on, inclusion of all your gigs in our weekly e-blast you probably won't want to miss out on all the promotion and exposure to new fans and clients.

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