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Wood 'n' Nickle Productions & Publishing Company

1265 W. 71st Pl.

Chicago,  Il. 60636




Dennis Wiles - Drums/Guitar/Keyboards


Started playing the drums at the age of 8 and went on to engage those skills on several levels while also learning to play guitar as a teenager and keyboards as a young adult. Later, went on to tour and perform with the music/vocal group 'Charisma' as a drummer, guitarist, and vocalist. 


Graduated Control Data Institute and went on to acquire a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering as a Data Center Manager (IBM mvs/esa Mainframe Computers) and Control Room Manager (CCNA) before retiring from The Chicago Tribune Company. 


Wood 'n' Nickle Productions & Publishing Company was established in 2008 as a means to write, produce, play, and publish music. This entity is dedicated to producing 'Music For The Mature Listener' which denounces foul, abusive, profane, and/or obscene content. 


My first love is JAZZ...any kind! With the departure of so many Artists of my day the need arose to produce music that would bring back the forgotten moments that made listening to music enjoyable. Those moments will be lost considering the dismall turn music has taken. Herein lies the opportunity to add my two cents. 


Donald Wiles was shortly added to the roster as a keyboardist. After attending The Columbia School of Broadcasting, his familiarity with the Hammond Organ (B3) and other keyboards paved his way to accompanying Artists such as Albertina Walker, James Cleveland, Little Richard, and Vicki Winan. He was recruited and has been the featured Artist on numerous works produced on The Wood 'n' Nickle Productions Record Label.


Have had the opportunity to perform, record, and work with other Artists such as Anthony Williams, Denise Pleasant, Leslie McClinton, and Marzette Griffith.





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