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Music Lessons & Instruments

Steve Maxwell Vintage and Custom Drums


Chicago and Manhattan's only Vintage and Custom Drum Shop and Museum.

Extensive inventory that is constantly changing so keep checking
back for new and unique vintage drums and cymbals.

Maxwell Drums also carries new cymbals, heads, drums, sticks, books, and hardware.

Chicagoland Store
Phone: 630-237-4997
2000 Bloomingdale Rd. #110
Glendale Heights, IL

New York Store

Phone: 212-730-8138
242 W. 30th St. Ground Floor
New York, NY 10001

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Frank Rumoro Guitar Academy


Jazz guitar lessons in downtown Chicago with a professional teacher of 30 years

Jazz, Fusion, Rock & Blues (all levels: serious beginner to pro) The program is tailored to each individual student to train and create the total musician.

  • Technique          

  • Reading                      

  • Chords & inversions  

  • Rhythm / comping                 

  • Chord melody                      

  • Single note soloing

  • Practical music theory

  • Fingerboard harmony

  • Chart-writing and reading

  • Musicianship

Frank J. Rumoro Jazz Guitar Academy
410 S. Michigan Ave, Suite 639
Chicago, IL
(312) 939-3722 or (847) 272-0909.

Want to play like a pro, know what pros know? Study with a pro! Not
a student or student of a student. Don't procrastinate any longer.

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