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Uhlmann, Sommers, Carroll - Typical Sisters at Constellation in Chicago April 21st

Greg Uhlmann, Clark Sommers and Matt Carroll have a new recording out called Typical Sisters. They are going to be playing a CD Release show at Constellation on April 21st and will be announcing some other Midwest tour dates in the next few weeks. Visit Constellation for Tickets

We caught up with Sommers to talk about the new recording, the concept of the trio and what they have coming up in the future.

Chicago Jazz Magazine: How did you, guitarist Greg Uhlmann and drummer Matt Carroll first start to play together?

Sommers: We started playing together in 2009 when Greg, whom I met in 2005, brought Matt to my house for a session. We had pretty instant band chemistry. Everything grew from that. They would come back from college and we'd play gigs. It was a pretty natural progression. Chicago Jazz Magazine: What is the story behind the name of the group, Typical Sisters?

Sommers: We wanted to have some fun with the name. The album cover and the name sort of came out of tho photo shoot we did at the photographers second hand clothing shop. We were sort of riffing on the 50's prom-night style. We also thought the name highlighted the familial element of the group rather than the efforts of one person. Chicago Jazz Magazine: Tell us about the new recording, did everyone in the band contribute to the compositions? Sommers: I wrote 3 tunes and Greg wrote the rest. We collectively arranged stuff. Dan Pearson recorded and mixed it and I think it represents what we are about sonically. Chicago Jazz Magazine: With all of the touring you are doing and the many different projects you are involved with what makes this group special for you to perform in?

Sommers: We're all pretty busy but we've become such good friends and the music flows naturally from that. We are all very liberated when we play this material so it's important to all of us to make it a priority. Chicago Jazz Magazine: You have a show coming up April 21st at Constellation and then a Midwest tour TBA, what can people expect to hear at this show? Sommers: The show at Constellation will be the material on the record plus some new stuff. We try and expand on the interpretations anew for each performance . The show is 8:30 and 10 on Thursday and we will be filming the 2nd set. Chicago Jazz Magazine: How can people get more info on the group and where can they check out the new recording? Sommers: The cd is on the Ears & Eyes record label and people can get the cd on our Bandcamp site or on iTunes or Spotify. For more dates and information on the group they can visit

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