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Fareed Haque and Goran Ivanovic headline Sunday's Global Voices Series

HotHouse at the AlhambraGlobal Voices SeriesFall Series 2016

Goran Ivanovic and Fareed Haque recorded two CDs together - Macedonian Blues and 7 Boats - to great critical acclaim, even getting the nod as top best acoustic guitar albums 2004 from acoustic guitar magazine. Both have both been so busy that they have not been able to play again together for years. This Sunday, Sunday, October 16 at 2pm ($25 cover) Goran Ivanovic and Fareed Haque the duo will be reunited in a long overdue concert as part of HotHouse's Global Voices Series at the Alhambra Palace Restaurant.

Goran Ivanovic is a native of Croatia, a Balkan country torn by the civil strife that engulfed the former Yugoslavia. The musical son of a Serbian father and a Bosnian Croat mother, he has crossed many boundaries in his life and in his music. While he was studying at the Mozarteum in Salzburg with masters such as Elliot Fisk and Joaquin Clerch, his parents were expelled from Croatia and were granted political asylum in the United States. Since his residence in this country, Goran's broad grounding in Classical music has been enriched by influences of Jazz,Balkan and the World Music.

Fareed Haque is the multifaceted guitar legend who spans all musical genres and styles with the greatest of ease. "I first met Goran [Ivanovic] as a student who wanted to learn about jazz," Haque says. "But we ended up playing together and his style of music and playing was so cool that I went from helping to arrange a few tunes to eventually teaming up with him for what became our first album." The CD, titled Macedonian Blues, Laments and Dances, was released in 2002 by Proteus Entertainment. Through its musical demeanor and tone, it eschewed the popular myths and stereotypes of the gypsies: men smashing glasses against the wall and beautiful girls dancing seductively in the firelight. Instead, the duo's slow, ringing notes on songs like "The Saddest of All" and "Macedonian Girl" painted a picture of generations of weary refugees journeying across moonlit mountains.

"Although the music on this extraordinarily sensitive guitar-duo recording transcends genre, there's no resisting its mix of American jazz, acoustic blues, flamenco rhythm and Macedonian melody. Only two guitarists on the planet would come up with such a concoction, but Ivanovic and Haque (whose roots run to Yugoslavia and South Asia, respectively) play as if they're speaking the same musical language. Those who have heard the duo in concert probably will conclude that no recording could capture fully the sparks that fly between these two virtuosos." - HOWARD REICH Chicago Tribune

All concerts take place in the Marrakesh Room at the Alhambra Palace Restaurant

1240 West Randolph

Chicago, IL 60607

312 666-9555 telephone Alhambra

312 752-5316 telephone HotHouse


Advanced Tickets and more information:

The Alhambra Palace Restaurant is wheelchair accessible

Valet Parking $10


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