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We are all reporters in some sense. We have our own 'take away', memory or emotional response to any given concert. When and how we share this report varies.

I live paint. I document my act of improvisation on panel/canvas/paper. This is my on-the-scene reporting. I self published a book where my art was paired with words from the musicians depicted. Here, for this Jazz Occurrence digital pulp, I will try and write a few words myself, and put them together with my artworks.

JazzO log Dec 12th, 2016:

Images all rights reserved 2016©lewisachenbach/ARS

Extraordinary Popular Delusions with Jim Baker, Brian Sandstrom, Steve Hunt and Edward Wilkerson at Beat Kitchen.

Blissful chaos. One of the most brilliantly consistent improv bands plays most every Monday night. EPD always delivers the soundtrack of the moment and provided my brushes with a guided tour of colors made correct in response.

For myself, painting larger scale on 3X4 ft panels, was taking the Jazz Occurrence project back to its roots five years ago at MultiKulti. Working with masters Jim Baker at his electronic command center and Edward Wilkerson on various reeds, was familiar and comfortable. The sound wanted to be painted.

I have had the fruitful pleasure of improvising with Jim and Ed at formal Jazz Occurrences (#1 & #2) at the Aurora Public Art Commission. I expect nothing, and get everything in terms of inspiration, and I hope the artworks shows this. I plan to return to some Mondays at the Beat Kitchen for Extraordinary Popular Delusions in 2017 to create a storyboard series of the experiences. Hopefully, to exhibit them and show you folks what this band's sound does to a visual artist with open ears.

This is also half priced excellent pizza to be had. So I'll see you out there.

Feel free to engage in an email dialogue with me at about the sonic arts/visual arts movement.

Visit to view Jazz Occurrence Artwork.

Images all rights reserved 2016©lewisachenbach/ARS

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