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The Music of Warren Zevon with Androgynous Mustache at SPACE Jan 19th

Singer-songwriter and musician Warren Zevon often had a morbidly satirical outlook on life, which bled into his music and lyrics. Known for rock compositions that blended humor with a melancholic view of love and relationships, and a musical vision delineating an absurdity of politics and history, Zevon is considered one of the great American songwriters

Most of Zevon's hits are from his third album (Excitable Boy) released in 1978.

They include: "Werewolves of London", "Lawyers, Guns and Money", "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner" and "Johnny Strikes Up The Band." Other well-known songs by Zevon have been recorded by other artists, such as "Poor Poor Pitiful Me", "Accidentally Like a Martyr," "Mohammed's Radio", "Carmelita", and "Hasten Down the Wind". Admired by a slew of rock legends such as Bob Dylan, Jackson Brown, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young, Zevon had mild commercial success with releases, The Envoy, Sentimental Hygene, Mr. Bad Example and Mutineer along with several compilations which included hits "Boom Boom Mancini", "Sleep When I’m Dead" and "The French Inhaler."

In the fall of 2002 Warren announced he had terminal cancer and was a guest on Late Night with David Letterman, a show he subbed in as musical director for Paul Shaffer many times over the years. Letterman dedicated the show to Zevon, as he was the only guest and performed several tunes. When asked his insight on dying, Zevon replied, “Enjoy every sandwich.”

Warren Zevon died on September 7, 2003 at the age of 56. The following fall his son Jordan produced a tribute album titled Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs of Warren Zevon.

January 24, 2017 would have been Zevon's 70th birthday.

Androgynous Mustache is:

NEAL ALGER-Guitar/Vocals




EDWARD TORREZ-Accordion/Keys





Androgynous Mustache covers WARREN ZEVON

Thursday, January 19

Evanston SPACE

1245 Chicago Ave.

Evanston, IL

6:30 Doors

7:30 Show


All Ages

#warrenzevon #SPACEEvanston

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