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DW Jazz Orchestra - November 9

The DW Jazz Orchestra is a new 17-piece big band led by saxophonist/conductor Louis Danowsky and trumpeter Sam Wolsk, two twenty-year-old jazz students at Northwestern University. Inspired by the bands of Count Basie, Thad Jones, Quincy Jones, and Christian McBride among others, the band formed as an outlet for the duo’s compositions and arrangements.

They released their debut album, Coalescence, this past May which was recorded at Avatar Studios and featured the original work of Danowsky, Wolsk, and their colleagues at Northwestern. The band performed its debut live show this past August at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola in New York City to two sold-out audiences, and the concert will be released as a live album this holiday season.

The ensemble has featured some of the brightest young jazz musicians and professionals from New York, including Benny Benack III, Julian Lee, and Julius Rodriguez, and will feature this time around a powerful lineup of Chicago musicians:

Conductor/Woodwinds: Louis Danowsky Saxophones: Rajiv Halim, Joseph Miller, Hunter Diamond, Landon Hegedus, and Jacob Slocum Trombones: Sean Holly, Emma Blau, Caleb Eckstein, and Andre Prouty Trumpets: Sam Wolsk, Joe Clark, Quentin Coaxum, and Tom Levy Rhythm: Julius Tucker (piano), Alex Warshawsky (bass), Jared Decker (drums), and Thaddeus Tukes (vibraphone)

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