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The Jazz Institute of Chicago and WDCB present Robert Irving III at the Jazz Showcase this April 3rd

Jazz Showcase | 806 S. Plymouth Ct | Free
6:30pm – Presentation | 8pm – Concert
FREE public programming in celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month!

Join the Jazz Institute of Chicago and WDCB 90.9FM for an evening of insight and a performance with Robert Irving, III.

Presentation: Improvisation As Spontaneous Creation

As a proponent of what he terms ‘composition by improvisation’, composer/pianist, Robert Irving III crystallizes the methodology of this concept in his musical show-and-tell with music professionals and one of his young improv students. Irving states, “What we call improvisation has long been the invisible foundation of jazz and classical composition. It is the intention behind, the recognition of, the archive of and the subsequent development of improvisational expression that elevates it to the higher status of creative compositional masterpiece.”

Concert: WDCB Night at The Jazz Showcase

Join WDCB for its monthly free concert at The Jazz Showcase as part of our co-presented event!

Robert Irving III-piano/lecturer

Charles “Rick” Heath IV -drums

Emma Dayhuff-bass

Kalman Strauss-violin

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