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#312Soul Celebrates Chicago’s Black Music History: Week Three (1977 –1984)

Throughout the month of February – in celebration of Black History Month and in conjunction with 2020 being named the “Year of Chicago Music” – #312Soul celebrates Chicago’s Black Music History from 1955 through 1990 with a four-week, four-part multimedia online showcase that includes original video essays, interviews, playlists, artifacts and more.

Week Three (1977-1984) will feature the disco and DJ era of Chicago’s dance music scene with featured artists Linda Clifford, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Emotions, Chaka Khan and interviews with Captain Sky. This era closes with Jesse Saunders & Vince Lawrence’s 1984 dance club hit “On and On,” which many say inspired the House Music movement.

“Chicago music has been at the forefront of music culture for the last 50 years,” explained Chicago music impresario Vince Lawrence. “Almost every relevant culture shift in black music has stemmed from Chicago as of late, changing the face of music as we know it. Chicago has given birth to some of the greatest artists of all time who have in turn had profound influence on other artists around the world. Just consider the impact of Chicago’s Curtis Mayfield, Etta James, Kanye West, Chaka Khan, Chance the Rapper, Earth Wind and Fire, Lupe Fiasco, Ramsey Lewis and the list goes on.”