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Cabaret Spotlight: Chicago Cabaret Week by Tracy Adams

I am thrilled that, at long last, cabaret is getting its due. May 6 – 16 will be Chicago Cabaret Week, a 10-day concert series throughout Chicago. This festival was ready to launch in spring of 2020 when…well you know what happened.

This inaugural event will feature over 40 performers in 15 intimate venues across the city and will showcase the broad variety of styles that make cabaret the shape-shifting wonder that it is: Kabaret from the Philippines, burlesque and drag, Parisian chanson, and tributes to Judy, Liza, Sarah Vaughan, Sondheim, and Lena Horne! A Cabaret Week Kick-Off show on Friday May 6th will be live-streamed from Epiphany Center for the Arts, for the out of town and international fans.

Don’t think that this is a motley collection of shows. Cabaret organizations including Acts of Kindness Cabaret, Chicago Cabaret Professionals, The Cabaret Project, and Working in Concert (Cabaret Connexion) have put their collective heads together to create a cohesive series of performances that are sure to offer something for everyone. You can see the full schedule at

Ticket prices to individual events range from $15 to $30 – with today’s rising costs, you just can’t beat it.

The festival is sponsored in part by Chicago DCASE, Choose Chicago and WDCB, 90.9fm NPR radio. And remember, it’s all live and in person! No bandwidth issues, no Zoom fatigue! It will often feel like you are in your living room, without being in your living room. Imagine it.

SEE the full schedule HERE

Kick OFF Event - Friday May 6 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Epiphany Center for the Arts 201 S. Ashland Ave, Chicago IL 60607

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