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Chicago Jazz Audio Experience Podcast - David Marienthal previews The Women of Mister Kelly's

On this episode of the Chicago Jazz Audio Experience, David Marienthal, the son of one of the founders of Mister Kelly's and the London House, talks with Mike Jeffers about the upcoming benefit concert at City Winery in Chicago on July 29th. 

The show entitled "The Women of Mister Kelly's" pays tribute to some of the incredible talent that performed at the legendary club from 1953-1976 featuring performances by Anne Burnell, Frieda Lee, Holly McGuire, LaShera Moore, Suzanne Petri, Margaret Murphy-Webb, Michele Thomas, The Queen of Chicago Cabaret, Denise Tomasello, and London House legend, Judy Roberts, directed by Mark Burnell and hosted by Daryl Nitz.

David talks about the history of the club, the upcoming feature film, "Mister Kelly's Chicago", how instrumental the club was to launching careers and much more.

All of the proceeds from the evening will benefit the upcoming documentary film, Mister Kelly’s Chicago, produced by David Marienthal and Happy Medium Ventures.

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