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Chicago Jazz Philharmonic receives prestigious “Chicago’s Cultural Treasures” award

Chicago Jazz Philharmonic (CJP) was recently awarded the prestigious "Chicago’s Cultural Treasures" award, recognizing their contributions to the history, culture, vibrancy, and identity of communities of color in greater Chicago. Chicago’s Cultural Treasures is a four-year initiative designed to support the Chicago area’s BIPOC-led and -focused arts and culture organizations as they face unprecedented challenges to their decades of leadership and resiliency.

The award gives CJP a substantial boost after enduring the inevitable financial hit from the impacts of COVID-19. One of just forty chosen organizations, CJP has been awarded one of the largest amounts allotted: $575,000 over three years.

“I am thrilled about the extensive potential this award will open up for CJP,” said Executive Director Rhapsody Snyder. “These funds offer an invaluable opportunity to strategically broaden our impact for Chicago and beyond, and to better serve our community.”

CJP is especially honored to be chosen among other outstanding artistic and cultural institutions, many of whom they’ve previously partnered with including Natya Dance Theatre and Sones de Mexico, among others. As arts organizations across the city are recovering from the pandemic, this initiative strengthens those whose mission is to enable the creation, preservation, and dissemination of art stemming from BIPOC traditions, leadership, and culture at a crucial moment.

The announcement comes as a timely recognition of Chicago Jazz Philharmonic’s Change Narrative, which prioritizes expanding creative practice, encouraging cross-cultural dialogue, changing lives, and impacting communities. “We are honored to be part of such a distinguished community of Chicago arts innovators and proudly look forward to experiencing the impact these grants will make on Chicago and the world,” said Co-Founder and Artistic Director Orbert Davis.

Chicago Jazz Philharmonic will use this award to continue to grow its legacy of presenting Third Stream music to build community, provide equitable access to the arts, and help ensure that experiences and stories are shared and heard.


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