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Vocalist Danielle Wertz on Her Latest Release "Other Side" and her Chicago Debut on April 20th

On Episode 056 of Around Town award-winning vocalist Danielle Wertz talks with Mike Jeffers and discusses how the pandemic impacted her approach to recording her latest release. Initially planning a traditional jazz album, Danielle's plans were upended by the pandemic-related shutdowns. This led her to delve deeper into her own emotions, resulting in a new sound and approach for her album, "Other Side," released on Outside in Music.

Through this conversation, Danielle shares her process of reflection, composition, and experimentation with new sounds and concepts. She explores the different techniques she employed to create a unique sound that reflects her emotional experience during the pandemic.

Danille Wertz will be performing at Fulton Street Collective on April 20th at 8pm Visit for Tickets


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