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Eastern Music Camp - Instrumental Jazz, Charleston, IL

Eastern Music Camp 600 Lincoln Ave, Charleston, IL

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Contact:Rebecca Johnson


The EMC Instrumental Jazz Camp is open to students completing the 6th through 12th grades. This camp is designed to meet the needs of those students who are interested in jazz at all levels, providing an instructional and educational experience for both beginners and more advanced students. Students will have an opportunity to study jazz with EIU’s outstanding jazz faculty and other fine musicians from around the country.

Join us July 16-22, 2023, on the campus of Eastern Illinois University for the 75th anniversary of Eastern Music Camp! Founded in 1947 by then Music Department Chair Leo J. Dvorak, we're proud of our long tradition of supporting young musician's educational experiences.

Session and Date:

Instrumental Jazz Camp

Date of Session: July 16-22, 2023

Daily Schedule: The instructional day is from 8:30 to 4:00, and includes Big Bands, Jazz Theory, Improvisation, Instrument specific masterclasses, Jazz Seminar, and Jazz Combos (for some advanced students). The rest of the day includes social activities and concerts by camp faculty, staff, and a camper talent show.

Camp Instructors:

Sam Fagaly, Saxophone

Tom Birkner, Trumpet

Benjamin Carrasquillo, Trombone

Jose Gobbo, Guitar

Paul Johnston, Piano

Andrey Goncalves, Bass

Jamie Ryan, Drums

Tuition Fee: $525

Room & Board is included in the above cost. A commuter discount is available.


All students selected for the ILMEA All-State festival in Peoria receive an automatic $100 scholarship. This can be combined with a general scholarship, for those who earn those awards. $100 general scholarships are offered each year, chosen by application. These applications are due on April 13, 2023, and require both a student application form and a teacher recommendation form. For further consideration of financial assistance based on need, please contact the EMC director's office by email. Some years, additional donors come forth to help students attend camp.

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