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Fulton Street Collective Celebrates 100th Livestream December 29th with the Paul Mutzabaugh Trio

Paul Mutzabaugh performing at the JRAC
Paul Mutzabaugh photo by Harvey Tillis

What started out as an opportunity to provide a safe environment for musicians to perform during the pandemic has grown into a vital space for artists to continue to create and be motivated during this unprecedentd time. On December 29th Fulton Street Collective will be hosting it's 100th livestream jazz performance featuring the Paul Mutzabaugh Trio at 8pm.

Chris Anderson, the curator of both the Fulton Street Collective performance series and the Jazz Record Art Collective, has presented 4-6 shows per week since the shutdown which has not only helped musicians but the overall music scene in Chicago stay alive during this challenging time.

Tune in December 29th at 8pm to watch the 100th Episode!


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