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JAZZ PHOTOGRAPHY RECAP: Joe Clark Presents BATMAN at FSC 1 of 3 by Harvey Tillis

April 25, 2024 - ZAP, WHACK, SPLAT! Musician/composer/arranger Joe Clark organized and performed a night of live music from the 1966 TV Series BATMAN including tunes and arrangements by Neal Hefti and Nelson Riddle at the Fulton Street Collective, FSC, in Chicago. His talented Batmanian band of friends included Leslie Beukelman and Abram Collier on vocals, Chad McCullough trumpet and flute, Millie Ahearn trumpet and vocals, Joe Clark trumpet and vocals, Momo Hasselbring Seko French horn, Matthew Davis trombone and tuba, Andy Baker trombone, Dan Nicholson alto and flute, Brent Griffin Jr alto, Kevin King sax and clarinet, Roy McGrath tenor sax, Mark Hiebert bari sax and vocals, Jim Tashjian guitar and vocals, Christopher Nolte bass, and Zack Marks drums & cymbals. John Ross Wilson was the creative artist responding to the music.

All photos by Harvey Tillis.

Harvey Tillis is a documentary still photographer with a fine art eye available for recording sessions, environmental portraits, and creative projects. Contact him at


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