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Jazz Photography Recap: Joel Caracci’s “Super Flower Blood Moon” at Fulton Street Collective

Photos by Harvey Tillis

June 8, 2023 A decade in the making, Super Flower Blood Moon is a new group of 13 musicians blending the conventions of classical and jazz with the sonic moods of Erykah Badu, M83, and Bon Iver. With 4 strings, 3 woodwinds, 3 brass, and 3 percussionists, endless possibilities were conceived in two sets of original music performed at Chris Anderson’s Fulton Street Collective in Chicago. Joel Caracci - bandleader/composer, James Davis - trumpet & flugel, Michael Nearpass - trombone, Steven Duncan - bass trombone, Gerald Davis - alto sax/flute/soprano sax, Artie Black - tenor saxophone/clarinet/flute, Mark Hiebert - bari sax/bass clarinet, violin, Hanna Pederson - viola, Patrycja Likos - cello, Preyas Roy - vibraphone, Lara Driscoll - piano, Crystal Rebone - bass, Matt Plaskota - drums.

Visual artist Lauren Schueren created artwork in response to the music.

Here is a recap of the sets in photos by Harvey Tillis.

Harvey Tillis is a documentary still photographer with a fine art eye available for recording sessions, environmental portraits, and creative projects. Contact him at


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