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JAZZ PHOTOGRAPHY RECAP: Trio Profound at Fulton Street Collective by Harvey Tillis

December 12 2023 - This week at the Fulton Street Collective, FSC, in Chicago Trio Profondo played a set of original compositions and a repertoire drawing inspiration from the Great American Songbook, Post-Bop, and contemporary Jazz Masters. Trio Profondo’s aesthetic concept revolves around the theme of depth as exemplified by the group’s exploration of the rich contrapuntal possibilities between baritone and bass voices. Jimmy Farace sax, Stephen Parise bass, and Kamir Dalawari drums and cymbals. Visual artist John Airo created original artwork in response to the music.

Here is a recap of the sets in photos by Harvey Tillis

Harvey Tillis is a documentary still photographer with a fine art eye available for recording sessions, environmental portraits, and creative projects. Contact him at


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