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John Elmquist's Project "Hag of a Few" Performed at FSC

3/3/21 - John Elmquist's project, “HAG OF A FEW”, for a two-set livestream performance was welcomed back at Chris Anderson’s Fulton Street Collective in Chicago. "Hag of a Few” is a new small group manifestation of John Elmquist’s HardArt groop. The first set consisted of a collection of tunes from previous iterations of his ensemble including such classics as “Johnny Thunders”, “Octopus”, “I Jump Around”, and other songs nobody’s ever heard of. The second set was a new seven-part involuntary manslaughter ballad, “Gustav and the Church Truck." John Elmquist leader/bass/vocals, Sarah Marie Young vocals, Geof Bradfield reeds, Chuck Bontrager violin, Jo Ann Daugherty keys, and Bob Garrett percussion. Visual artist Nathan Tolzmann created artwork in response to the music. Tip jar and contact info for the band, the artist and Fulton Street Collective are here. The performance is archived at Livestreams have no cover charge so we encourage you to be generous and help fill the artists’ virtual tip jars!

All photos by Harvey Tillis


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