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Keri Johnsrud Performs at Tomi Jazz in Manhattan

Earlier this week vocalist Keri Johnsrud headed to New York to perform at the intimate jazz club Tomi Jazz located in Midtown Manhattan. We thought we would catch up with her to get a re-cap of her performance and experience.

Chicago Jazz Magazine: How did you first get a gig at Tomi Jazz and what type of club is it?

Johnsrud: How I originally got the gig was really quite through 'ordinary' means, as it were. I had heard about the club through other friends in New York, so I contacted the venue via the email on their website. Tomi Jazz is an incredibly intimate Japanese restaurant and performance space, located on the lower level of row house-type building. They have live jazz every night, mostly duos and trios, and the audience tends to be responsive and attentive, which is always wonderful to experience.

Chicago Jazz Magazine: How many times have your performed at the club?

Johnsrud: This was my third performance at the venue.

Chicago Jazz Magazine: Who did you perform with and have you worked with him in the past?

Johnsrud: The first time I played this club was with a really wonderful guitarist named Matt Davis, who I've worked with in New York a few times before on other projects or gigs. However, my most recent performances at Tomi Jazz have been with guitarist Aaron Quinn. We've only worked together a couple of times, but I find that he's an incredibly creative, versatile player and hope to do more work with him in the future.

Chicago Jazz Magazine: Do you have any other performances coming up at the club?

Johnsrud: At this time, I do not; however, I do look forward to having another opportunity to perform there soon.

Chicago Jazz Magazine: What do you have coming up in the Chicago area where people can see you perform? On March 20th, I will be returning to SIP (Southport & Irving Park) with Hans Luchs on guitar and bassist Kurt Schweitz. Then, on March 30th, I'm excited to make my debut appearance at 210 Restaurant and Music Lounge in Highwood with Tom Vaitsas on piano and bassist Christian Dillingham.

Get more information about Keri Johnsrud at her official website


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