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Jazz Occurrence - Live Painting the Luciano Antonio Quintet at the Jazz Showcase

Luciano Antonio Quintet

Jan 26th and 27th 2017 at the Jazz Showcase

Joe Segal did not know I was live painting. Antonio had worked it out with Wayne, and it was green lit, but Joe looked at me unconcerned and unimpressed when I said I was live painting. This is the legendary Joe Segal of the paramountly important Jazz Showcase in Chicago.

When I returned the next night, with my lovely wife, Joe was all smiles and greeted her with warmth. If I had feelings, they might have been hurt. But I am a man from NW Philly and sharpen in NYC, and business is business.

All levity aside, I was honored and blessed to be able to live paint for the first time in the hallowed halls of the Jazz Showcase. The Showcase is to jazz what CBGBs is to punk. I could feel the lingering hum of over-layered concerts being played there since 1947. I was humbled and in my element.

With Geoffrey Lowe on bass, Neal Alger on guitar (Fri), Luiz Ewerling on drums, José Gobbo on guitar (Thurs), and Gabriel Alves playing piano and keyboards, the Luciano Antonio Quintet extended to two very special guests: Neusa Sauer and Breno Sauer.

Fellowship, however brief, with such world-renowned players adds to this unique path I have been gifted. Musicians like the Sauers bring so much experience and joy to performances like these, that I bow my head in thanks, and get to the brushwork.

The sound was specifically Brazilian and the frequency, Portuguese. The tones of the language over the warm rhythms got my artwork to a welcomed place.

I met some new people strictly through the live painting, and their interest in it. Wayne and Ainsley seemed pleased. And now Geoffrey Lowe has one of the 2X4 foot works in his home collection.

Thursday night’s ovation for more, brought the Luciano Antonio Quintet back on stage. Being there when the crowd must have more music, and the vibe is so good, is also part of my documenting the event. I try and paint all of it, not just the music, but what it is like to be there.

Luciano is a talented friend. We met at the International House for a live painting Brazilian event last year, again at Adele’s in Wheaton and forged the collaboration at the Jazz Showcase. Communion with such good energy will always bring me back and I join in the ovations.


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