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Q&A Preview: Organist Brian Charette April 9th at Reggies Chicago

Brian Charette organist performs April 9th
Brian Charette performs April 9th at Reggies Chicago

Organist Brian Charette returns to Chicago this Saturday night April 9th at Reggies Chicago (2105 S State St, Chicago, IL). Chicago Jazz Magazine caught up with Charette ahead of his upcoming show for a short Q&A to find out what people can expect to hear at the show.

Chicago Jazz Magazine: Your upcoming performance at Reggie’s (2105 S State St, Chicago, IL) on April 9th marks the first time you are back in Chicago after the Covid shutdown. Can you tell our readers where you call home and how you stayed motived to keep growing as a musician when all of the venues were closed?

Charette: I live in the East Village of NYC For many years. During the pandemic I taught lots of lessons and started streaming live electronica shows from my home.

Chicago Jazz Magazine: Let’s talk about the upcoming performance at Reggie’s, who’s in the Band on this Tour and what can people expect to hear?

Brian Charette B3 organist

Charette: We will play funky original organ music with some electronica with Jordan Young on drums and Dave Miller from Chicago on guitar

Chicago Jazz Magazine: Which venue at Reggie’s is the performance being held?

Charette: Reggie’s Music Joint

Chicago Jazz Magazine: Chicago is legendary for its jazz and blues scene. Are there any Chicago musicians, past or present, that have inspired you or that you have listened to over the years?

Charette: Of course the band, Chicago, Ahmad Jamal and Herbie Hancock.

Chicago Jazz Magazine: Any favorite memories of past performances in Chicago?

Charette: Bobby Broom was amazing, Henry Johnson, Fareed Haque, and I’m very excited to play with Dave Miller on Sat Night

Chicago Jazz Magazine: What is the best way for people to find out more information about your music and your upcoming performance?

Charette: Visit my website

Brian Charette Trio performs April 9th at Reggie’s (2105 S. State St, Chicago, IL) – 8pm Show. Get Tickets and Information


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