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Show Alert: Mulligan Mosaics at The Outta Space this Wednesday

3/4/20 - The Mulligan Mosaics Big Band

Dig. This might be best jazz gig in Chicago this Wednesday.

For sure, it’s the best priced. The band is starting a regular first Wednesday thing at

Outta Space, a Gallery/Rehearsal Hall/Cash Bar at 6840 32nd St., Berwyn, at Oak Park Ave and 32nd in Berwyn. Parking is pretty easy.

BIG BONUS – THE GARAGE!! It’s right next door is a terrific BBQ and Burger Bar – You can bring food next door if you are so inclined. On Wednesday, a righteous burger is just $3.50 – including cheese of choice.

Gig Details. 6 to 7 – which they’re not publicizing – the band rehearses – new stuff – tricky sections – like that. It’s actually pretty interesting. 

Then 7 to 10 – two sets. $10 donation.

Everybody is loving the music – one of the best collections of big band arrangements anywhere – Mulligan, Brookmeyer, Bill Holman, Al Cohn, Johnny Mandel, Gary McFarland… Nice big room. Cool art on the wall – and a real nice bar. $1 coffee.


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