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Thaddeus Tukes - Thad's Groove a Collaboration Live at Andy's Dec 8th & 9th

There are new Vibes in town! Last week Vibist Thaddeus Tukes released his second album entitled Thad’s Groove, a Collaboration. Obviously the Thad's Groove portion of the title refers to Tukes, a young vibist who has broken on the scene and is starting to get some real momentum behind his playing. The Collaboration part of the title refers to the diversity of talent that he showcases throughout this recording.

Thad's Groove a Collaboration features college students to veterans, from all over the city, Rogers Park to Morgan Park, all in a jam-session style setting.

“Going into the session without a clear game plan opened up the realm of possibilities for what the music could be,” said pianist Julius Tucker, a long-time Tukes collaborator. “We weren’t pigeonholed into one way of thinking, so we were able to express ourselves in a genuine way in real time.”

The recording was done at a private residence in the Hyde Park area, just a block away from former president Obama's home and in the past home of pianist Ahmad Jamal!

“Recording an album live in the former home of the esteemed Ahmad Jamal was one of my most memorable musical moments,” said clarinetist Kamila Muhammad, another Whitney Young and Northwestern University graduate. “The love and camaraderie [in the building] were visceral, and it was great to connect with such a dynamic group of musicians.”

A Chicago native, Tukes graduated from Whitney Young High School, and subsequently Northwestern University. Tukes has performed with a plethora of artists, recently including Jason Marsalis and the New Lionel Hampton Big Band. Tukes was named a Luminarts fellow in 2015, and released his first album, Vibes, in 2016. Earlier this year, Tukes received the Vivian G. Harsh Society’s Emerging Artist Award.

Tukes will perform Thad’s Groove live at Andy’s Jazz Club on December 8 and 9 at 5pm and 7pm on both nights. Admission is $10 and reservations are highly recommended.

Thad’s Groove is currently available on all streaming platforms.


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