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The Blueshift Big Band at JRAC

11/05/19 - The Blueshift Big Band performed at Chris Anderson's Jazz Record Art Collective in Chicago. The Band is a 17-piece jazz orchestra lead by Joel Baer and Chris Parsons that plays original arrangements based on jazz standards, American songbook tunes, pop music and video games. The Blueshift Big Band pays tribute to the great big bands in style and energy, but pushes the genre forward in new and exciting ways. Band members include Joel Baer - Drums / co-leader, Chris Parsons - Guitar /  co-leader. Saxophones are Matt Beck, Matt Zmuda, Gerald Martinez, Neil Carson, and Tom Zimny. Trombones are Josh Torrey, Conner Eisenmenger , Andrew Meyer, and Nick Roach. Trumpets are Chuck Parrish, Jon Rarick, John Dorhauer, and Brendan Donnelly. Rhythm is Dan Parker - Bass and Danny Bauer - Piano. Vocals and visual artist for the evening was Jess Brooks.

Photos by Harvey Tillis


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