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The Chad McCullough Orchestra performing "Porgy and Bess" at JRAC.

9/1/19 - The Chad McCullough Orchestra performed Miles Davis’ "PORGY AND BESS" at Chris Anderson's Jazz Record Art Collective, JRAC, in Chicago. Trumpet - Chad McCullough. Conducted by Joe Clark. Woodwinds - Jim Gailloreto, Sharel Cassity, Nick Mazzerella, Rich Moore, 

Rajiv Halim. Trumpets - Roger Ingram, Art Davis, Mark Buselli, Connor Druhan. French Horns - Liz Deitemyer, Debra Miller, Gary English. Trombones - Andy Baker, Russ Phillips, Raphael Crawford, Steve Duncan. Tuba - Ryan Miller. Bass - Christian Dillingham. Drums - Greg Artry. Artworks in response to the music were created live by Arthur Wright.

All photos by Harvey Tillis

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