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The Furious Bongos Play the Music of Frank Zappa April 13th at Reggies in Chicago!

The Furious Bongos are making their return to the road and stopping at Reggies in the South Loop April 13th to celebrate the music of many of Frank Zappa.

The Furious Bongos are professional musicians with pretty diverse backgrounds who decided to take on a pretty big challenge and have some fun in the process.

The members include:

Conrad St. Clair (band leader, arranger, bass player) Kevin Bents (keys and vocals), Filip Fjellström (drums), Chris Huntington (lead guitar), Lo Marie (vocals and rhythm guitar), Vince Szynborski (sax and Tuvan Throat Singing), Zachary Bowers (mallets and percussion) Jenna Paulus (vocals), Scott Fischer (keys and vocals).

Zappa was constantly changing things, and always allowed his band members to bring their unique voices to the table. "He also understood that his live performances were entertainment – it’s supposed to be a rock show, not a piano recital" says Lo Marie (vocals and rhythm guitar). "With that in mind, the Furious Bongos don’t think playing Song X from Album Y note-for-note while staring at our shoes is the proper way to go about it. The result of that approach (combined with a lot of homework and being lucky enough to have a killer complement of musicians) is a show that pays respect to Zappa’s legacy, but is still new and different and dangerous and FUN, with lots of eyebrows."

In a room like Reggies this should be a very special show that you won't want to miss.

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