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The Jazz Institute of Chicago presents New Works, Fresh Voices Cohort Showcase at Epiphany Center

The New Works, Fresh Voices Cohort Showcase at Epiphany Center for the Arts in Chicago. New Works, Fresh Voices (NWFV), presented by the Jazz Institute of Chicago with the support of the Mellon Foundation, commissions select artists to create new musical works while providing development, resources and opportunities for the artists to realize their compositions to the fullest! The Cohort Showcase is the one opportunity to hear all three 2022 NWFV artists at one event, each playing a set during Golden Hour at the Epiphany Center for the Arts. Experience the artistry and range of Regina Harris Baiocchi’s 6Degrees Jazz Ensemble, Ethan Philion's Meditations on Mingus, and Isaiah Collier's Celestials Project.

August 4, 2022

5pm-8pm Regina Harris Baiocchi’s 6Degrees Jazz Ensemble Ethan Philion's Meditations on Mingus Isaiah Collier's Celestials Project

Epiphany Center for the Arts FREE Admission | Street and Valet Parking Available

201 S. Ashland Ave, Chicago IL Visit Website


The JIC and the Mellon Foundation recognize the need for artists to continue to create, to develop their voices, and to have the resources to do so. To that end, the JIC is pleased to present the NEW WORKS FRESH VOICES (NWFV) commission project.

The Jazz Institute of Chicago selects two established Chicago-area jazz artists for the New Works Fresh Voices (NWFV) program every year. The selected applicants will seek to further develop their unique voice and will each create a fully-produced composition, which may be multi-disciplinary for performances in high-visibility venues in the city.

The Artists Regina Harris Baiocchi’s 6Degrees Jazz Ensemble

Regina Harris Baiocchi presents 6Degrees Jazz Sextet performing her original compositions. Regina’s 6Degrees Jazz Sextet features Felicia Patton (voice), Ester Hana (piano) Emma Dayhuff (bass) Samuel Jewell (drums) Edwin Daugherty (sax), Chad McCullough (trumpet). Original compositions will include I’ve Got a Mother & Father (chant), HB4A (blues), Dream Weaver (samba), Another Smoke-filled Room, MPH (trumpet), Ask Him, Psalm Cat, Say No! and Belize (bossa nova).

Regina is a composer, author, and poet whose music has been performed by Detroit Symphony and Chicago Symphony orchestras, Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, the US Army Band, among many other acclaimed artists. She has composed works for orchestra, chamber ensemble, solo piano, a marimba concerto, vocal and instrumental music, a mass, ballet, as well as written a libretto and one-act opera.

Ethan Philion's Meditations on Mingus

Ethan Philion’s 10 piece band dedicated to honoring the legacy of bassist and composer Charles Mingus. The program will feature new arrangements of Mingus compositions as well as an original composition by bandleader Ethan Philion. Philion's project, Meditations on Mingus, connects the social and political themes in Mingus’s music to modern life. Mingus used his music to speak against injustice and to call for compassion towards all people. His message resonates in our current era--an era marked by increasing incidents of hate crimes, aggressive political polarization, and ever-increasing wealth disparity. The compositions performed in “Meditations”--such as “Pithecanthropus Erectus,” “Meditations on a Pair of Wire Cutters,”and “Haitian Fight Song,”--speak to these issues of injustice. The compositions ask listeners to reflect on humanity’s capacity for evil, but as Mingus’s psychiatrist put it, they are also “a call for acceptance, respect, love, understanding, fellowship, freedom--a plea to change the evil in man and to end hatred.” The group has performed at the Hyde Park Jazz Festival, the Green Mill, and more. They will be featured at the 2022 Chicago Jazz Festival and are releasing their debut album on August 26th on Sunnyside Records.


Saxophonist Isaiah Collier's Celestials is a special twelve-piece ensemble that moves through the different realms of music. This group was assembled with the hopes of presenting and experimenting on a new genre in the making that is being dubbed "Fourth Stream". First stream being considered Classical, second is Jazz, third is the amalgamation of the first two. Fourth stream however is something that deals with all the properties of third but also adds in the other aspects of the sounds of the diaspora. Whether it's from sounds of The Black Church via Jazz, classical, Blues, Hip-hop, or even R&B.


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