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Winter's Jazz Club will remain closed through April because of the coronavirus emergency.

This Week at Winter's Jazz Club

465 N McClurg Ct, Chicago (promenade)

While straight-ahead jazz is our primary focus, we also love and happily present trad-jazz, Gypsy-jazz, swing, big band, New Orleans-style, and other cousins of the genre. ​ Our mission is simple: To perpetuate the joy of live jazz by presenting the best interpretations of the best arrangements of the best songs in the canon of classic jazz (and slightly beyond). Above all, Winter’s strives to be a listening room. ​ Overlooking the Ogden Slip, our intimate club seats 100 in the listening room and 25 in the bar/lounge area. We pride ourselves on offering an expertly curated selection of beverages and specialty cocktails accompanied by top-notch service. We aim to pour and serve a proper drink... properly.


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