Social media and online video created by provides a 21st century approach to the promotion of your business.

Video is viewed and engaged on by viewers over 50% more than photo and text based advertising on social media. will work with you to create a video that will get your message across but also be interesting for viewers to watch and act on the offer. 

Below you will see a few of the specialty videos that we offer which have been very effective for businesses interested in driving traffic to their websites or social media pages, having people purchase tickets to shows or visit a business location.


A 50 second personalized video created by's creative team and then shared on our social media platforms promoting your upcoming show and/or performance. You can also share the

video on your social media platforms.

Pricing starts at $750 including production.


The's creative team will create a high quality video by using a live performance video from YouTube or a video you supply to us promoting your upcoming performance and then sharing the video on our social media platforms.

Pricing starts at $600 including production.

This informational/promotional segment is taken by at your business and tells the story about your business and the products or services you offer. It's a great way to create a relationship between your business and the viewer.​

Pricing starts at $750 including production.

If you have a festival or music series this the perfect way to peak peoples interest and focus on a specific performance happening at your event. Normally there are 2 or 3 videos packaged together so that people are able to get familiar with several of the artists performing as part of your festival or event.​

Pricing starts at $600 including production.

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