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Stephanie Browning made a name for herself as the Artist-in-residence at the world renowned Gold Star Sardine Bar, a listening room reminiscent of Paris in the '30s. The venue was an international gem and captivated audiences assisted Stephanie in honing her improvisational skills and soulful voice. During her two-year tenure she performed for celebrities and European royalty, as well as many a love struck couple out to make a memorable night.



While The Gold Star is gone, fans and listeners are lucky to have a beautiful snapshot of one night in its romantic and magical life with Stephanie Browning's CD "Live at the Gold Star." Made in single takes, without manipulation, the recording is as bare and revealing as the mirrored stage from which Stephanie and the band transport the listener into the spot-lit club. Many have found themselves so caught up that they applaud right along with the recorded audience for Stephanie and the grooves and tasty solos of pianist Jeremy Kahn, bassist Larry Kohut and drummer Joel Spencer.


Since that time, Stephanie has been featured at the Chicago area's most notable jazz clubs, including Andy's, The Green Mill, Pete Millers, Pops for Champagne, as well as many others.

Wanting to share her unique interpretation of timeless songs with the world, Stephanie has blown out of the Windy City for some fabulous events and destinations: Stockholm started the Saga Records Swedish Concert Tour with saxophonist Johan Stengard. The Japanese Tour with guitarist Akio Sasajima was highlighted by a concert in Sapporo�s historic clock tower and a swinging gig in Tokyo with bassist Stan Gilbert. Twice headlining at the Yellowstone Jazz Festival. A Tour of the Rockies with drummer Ronnie Bedford and Jazz Hall of Fame bassist Bob Magnusson. Then there was an extended run at the exclusive Champagne Bar in Hong Kong. Plus an unforgettable Scandinavian Holiday Tour that truly captured the wonder of the season.

Using lessons learned from classic jazz composers to craft her own original tunes Stephanie also works to redefine what she calls "modern standards."




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