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CHICAGO JAZZ REVEALED - NEW PODCAST and interview with Jeannie Tanner

Composer, vocalist and trumpeter, Jeannie Tanner talks with Mike Jeffers about her latest release Words & Music and her upcoming show at Andy's Jazz Club on August 11th & 12th.

For more information about Jeannie Tanner's upcoming performances and to purchase her latest release

About Jeannie Tanner

Jeannie Tanner is an award winning composer, vocalist and trumpeter who performs and records her original jazz-pop music (a mix of jazz, pop, R&B and Latin rhythms) with her band, the Jeannie Tanner Quartet. Her music has been used for many TV/film projects, including Culinary Travels with Dave Eckert (PBS), shows on VH1, Days of Our Lives, and indie feature films such as Reconstellation, an entrance at the Sundance Festival.

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