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Chris Greene & Marc Piane help the Resurrection Lutheran Church Celebrate 75 years their 75th An

Chris Greene and Marc Piane of the CGQ will perform jazz arrangements of African American spirituals and Appalachian pentatonic melodies at Resurrection Lutheran Church, 9777 Grand Avenue, Franklin Park on January 20, Sunday at 9.30 a.m. The event is to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Resurrection Lutheran Church, and Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. The public is invited, and the music takes place during the worship service. They will be joined by the church’s music director, Henrietta Atkin. In a unique twist on jazz prayer, the congregation will be invited to sing with three of the hymns/melodies. The project was partly inspired by the direct link between jazz and African American spirituals, a connection which all three musicians believe were interested in. For more information, please contact Henrietta Atkin at 312-848-3801 or

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