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Adam Meckler Orchestra at JRAC

1/8/20 - The Adam Meckler Orchestra made its Chicago debut with an all Chicago-based band. The AMO has attracted large crowds and critical acclaim around Minneapolis since they started wowing audiences back in 2010.

Adam Meckler: Composer/Conductor/Soloist

Trumpets: Peter Gillette, Paul Dietrich, Jessica Jensen, Connor Bernhard

Trombones: Evan Jacobson, Ryan Christianson, Chris Misch, Tom Matta 

Saxophones: Andrew Strzyzewski, Natalie Lande, Dustin Laurenzi, Pat Booth, Salomon Flores, Guitar: Sam Mösching, Piano: Carl Kennedy, Bass: Brian Courage, Drums: Neil Hemphill.

Photos by Harvey Tillis


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