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Chicago Jazz Audio Experience Podcast with Mike Reed Talking about his new book

On this episode of the Chicago Jazz Audio Experience Podcast, Mike Jeffers talks with musician, curator, producer and now author Mike Reed about his new book called The City Was Yellow: Jazz & Improvised Music 1980-2010. The book will be launched on June 29th during a panel discussion at the Logan Center for the Performing Arts as part of the Jazz Institute of Chicago's Birthday Bash.

Listen To the Chicago Jazz Audio Experience

About the Book

A release event for the “real book” anthology compiled by drummer, composer, and presenter Mike Reed. Containing fifty transcribed compositions, newly contributed bios, and insightful candid photography, the collection is “a soundtrack for a city that was yellow, illuminated by the hue of high-pressure sodium street lamps.”

In cooperation with the Jazz Institute of Chicago, all proceeds from the sale of the new book will benefit the ongoing educational programs of the Institute. To celebrate, Reed and colleagues play music and video to discuss compositions in (and not in) the book, as well as music made in (and about) Chicago. Panelists: Mike Reed (moderator), John Corbett, and Mike Allemana


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