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Jazz Recap:Gwen’s Pat Metheny Project at Fulton Street Collective

All photos by Harvey Tillis

On February 8, 2023, Gwen’s Pat Metheny Project performed a lively polished set at Chris Anderson’s Fulton Street Collective, FSC, in Chicago. Featuring Aimee Nuerocki - guitar, Juliette Gardiner - trumpet, Christian Sanchaz- sax, Terry Dunphy - keys, Vinny Kabat - bass, and Tj Thompson - drums.

Visual artist Lewis Achenbach created artwork in response to the music.

The show was also presented as a Live stream (see below) and virtual tips are appreciated! Here is a recap of the night set in photos by Harvey Tillis.

Harvey Tillis is a documentary still photographer with a fine art eye available for recording sessions, environmental portraits, and creative projects. Contact him at harveytillisphotography.

8pm - GWEN'S PAT METHENEY PROJECT Aimee Nawrocki - Guitar Juliette Gardiner - Trumpet Christian Sanchaz - Sax Terry Dunphy - Keys Vinny Kabat - Bass Tj Thompson - Drums

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