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George Freeman Quartet Jan 18th at Jazz Record Art Collective

Guitarist George Freeman performed his 1972 Delmark release BIRTH SIGN in it's entirity at the Jazz Record Art Collective on Wednesday January 18th.

The Jazz Record Art Collective (JRAC), is monthly series providing local musicians and visual artists alike an opportunity to collaborate and pay homage to influential Jazz artists at the Fulton Street Collective which is curated by Chris Anderson.

Visit for more information on upcoming performances.

Thanks to photographer Harvey Tillis for covering the event.

All photos are by Harvey Tillis

Harvey Tillis and Tillis & Tillis, Inc. own these images.

BIRTH SIGN is George’s first record, released in 1972 by Delmark. George had been playing with Gene Ammons for about 3 years when this came out. The album was done in two sessions. One tune was with Robert Pierce on organ, Lester Lashley on bone, and Kalaparusha, an AACM saxophonist. The other tunes which were from a second session feature Von Freeman, organist Sony Burke, and drummer Billy Mitchell.

January 18th George Freeman Quartet

George Freeman – Guitar

Mike Allemana – Guitar

Pete Benson – Keys

Mike Schlick - Drums


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