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Harvey Tillis on the Scene: Ryan Cohan at the Jazz Showcase July 11th-14th

The Ryan Cohan 4TET is performing at Chicago's Jazz Showcase with Ryan Cohan on piano, John Wojciechowski on reeds, James Cammack playing bass, and Neil Hemphill on drums.

The Ryan Cohan 4TET at the Jazz Showcase July 11th - 14th

8pm, 10pm and Sunday 4pm, 8pm, 10pm


About Ryan Cohan

Pianist/Arranger/Composer and Guggenheim Fellow Ryan Cohan’s expansive body of work ranges from solo piano pieces to arrangements for symphony orchestra and scores for independent films. He has produced five critically acclaimed albums of original compositions, collaborated with numerous luminaries and is set to start recording a new release entitled Originations, scored for a chamber jazz ensemble consisting of Cohan’s long-standing sextet plus string quartet.

All photos by Harvey Tillis


Harvey Tillis - Photographer

Since 2004 Harvey returned to photography full-time as a fine artist as well as providing commercial work for a select variety of corporate, nonprofit and government agency clients. His original art projects include portraits of jazz and blues musicians performing in clubs which is the subject matter for his first book, “10 Years In SPACE“. He also combines his photojournalism skills with a fine artist’s eye in street photography

“10 Years In SPACE” is my salute, thank you, and congratulations to SPACE on the venue’s 10th anniversary.”

– Harvey Tillis, Photographer.


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