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JAZZ PHOTOGRAPHY RECAP: J-LIVI & The Party Perform "Long Road" at FSC by Harvey Tillis

May 20, 2024 - The Chicago-based brass band J-LIVI & The Party performed two rousing sets of New Orleans-style music to celebrate release of their new album, "Long Road" at the Fulton Street Collective, FSC, in Chicago. The band is strongly influenced by modern New Orleans brass bands, old school funk and hip hop all of which was on display with more and more musicians in the audience stepping up to participate in the gig. The original band included Jeff Livorsi trombone, Constantine Alexander trumpet, Neil Carson alto, Corbin Andrick tenor, Will Russell sousaphone, Keith Brooks drum & cymbals, and Alejandro Salazar percussion. Two visual artists, Lewis Achenbach and Alex Puryear, created original paintings in response to the music.

All photos by Harvey Tillis.

Harvey Tillis is a documentary still photographer with a fine art eye available for recording sessions, environmental portraits, and creative projects. Contact him at


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