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Jazz Photography Recap:Lara Driscoll Trio & Sam Peters Trio Perform at Fulton Street Collective

Photos by Harvey Tillis

June 15, 2023 The Sam Peters Trio opened an evening of music at Chris Anderson’s Fulton Street Collective in Chicago. The trio featured Sam Peters - bass, Jake Shapiro - piano, and Neil Hemphill - drums.

The second set featured a performance by the Lara Driscoll Trio featuring Lara Driscoll - piano, Ethan Philion - bass, and Neil Hemphill - drums.

Visual artist Melanie Brown created artwork in response to the music.

Here is a recap of the cabaret sets in Chicago with photos by Harvey Tillis.

Harvey Tillis is a documentary still photographer with a fine art eye available for recording sessions, environmental portraits, and creative projects. Contact him at


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