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Jazz Photography Recap: Lucas Coker’s “Justified” Performed at Fulton Street Collective

July 27, 2023 - Lucas Coker is a jazz guitarist working toward his long-time dream of becoming a psychiatrist. His composition, “Justified,” performed at Chris Anderson’s Fulton Street Collective, FSC, in Chicago, is a 10 movement suite in which each movement expresses his interpretation of 10 different personality disorders. “Justified” takes influence from a wide variety of musical styles (rock, pop, funk, jazz, metal, hip hop, etc.) in an effort to exemplify and advocate for the diverse mental health struggles many around us experience.

Vocals by Dana Scott and Aliyah Jones. Spoken word performed by F.A.B.L.E. Tenor sax Andrew Lin, trumpet Juliette Gardner, guitar Lucas Coker, bass Vinny Kabat, keys Joe Powers, drums & cymbals Kabir Dalawari, and drums/percussion Spencer Peterson. Visual artist Daniela Milinkovich created original art in response to the music.

Profits from the performance were donated to the National Alliance on Mental Health.

Photos by Harvey Tillis


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