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Michael Lerich Talks about his over 50 years in Music about his Career and Business on "OPEN MIC"

Episode 001 of OPEN MIC with MIKE JEFFERS features an interview with Michael Lerich who, during the 1970's, 80's, 90's and early 2000's was one of the busiest and most successful music contractors in only in Chicago but the country.

Starting out at age 22 Michael began working with bandleader Alan Kay, learning the business of contracting musical groups for private events and weddings. By 1981 he was contracting over 1800 jobs a year with numerous groups throughout the city of Chicago and employing hundreds of musicians each week.

Mike Jeffers talks with Michael on how he started his business, the important things he learned when working with clients, what the keys to running a great event and much more.

Michael Lerich is now semi retired from the contracting business but has launched a performance career leading his jazz ensemble at venues throughout the city. Currently he has a performance on May 11th at Winter's Jazz Club in Chicago. Get Tickets Here


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