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Quick Questions: Saxophonist John Wojciechowski

John Wojciechowski saxophonist
John Wojciechowski

We recently caught up with saxophonist John Wojciechowski, featured in Chicago Jazz Magazine’s August 2019 issue, for a few Quick Questions. Here’s what he had to say, musically and otherwise . . .

. . . and be sure to catch John live at the Jazz Showcase 2/27/20 thru 3/1/20!

CJ: What’s your favorite spot for a meal before or after a gig?

JW: I generally like to eat at home before a gig, something fairly light and healthy. I don’t like to have that heavy “full” feeling before a gig.

CJ: What’s your favorite movie?

JW: Rope by Alfred Hitchcock. He filmed it in two scenes, it’s an amazing piece of art.

CJ: What music are you listening to right now?

JW: The last week or so I’ve been checking out Central City Sketches by Benny Carter and the American Jazz Orchestra. It was a live concert of Benny’s music in the mid-’80s. Ron Carter and Mel Lewis are in the rhythm section and it’s just really great playing and large ensemble writing.

CJ: What’s been the most influential recording on your playing?

JW: That’s a tough question to answer, because I feel like there are probably a dozen or so really influential recordings. But, if I HAD to choose one, I would choose Stitt Plays Bird by Sonny Stitt.

CJ: What famous classic recording has special meaning for you?

JW: The Electrifyin’ Eddie Harris. My father had that on LP, and I heard it so much growing up, when I listen to it now (I LOVE Eddie Harris) it also brings back fond memories.

CJ: What events, recordings, etc., are on your musical horizon?

JW: The immediate future is playing this weekend at the Jazz Showcase! Also, on March 7th, we’ll be playing at the Green Mill as part of John Moulder’s Chi-town Jazz Fest and on April 21st we’ll be at the Logan Center as part of the Café Logan series.

CJ: What can listeners expect to hear at the Jazz Showcase this weekend (2/27/20–3/1/20)?

JW: We’ve got a few new tunes and arrangements, plus we’ll be playing a mixture of things from my first two recordings, Lexicon and Focus.

Keep up to date with John here.


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