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TALKING JAZZ EPISODE 139 with Anne & Mark Burnell - JAZZ AT THE CABARET July 22nd

EPISODE 139 of TALKING JAZZ - Anne and Mark Burnell stop by to talk about the show they are producing called "Jazz at the Cabaret" July 22nd at Victory Gardens Theater presented by the Chicago Cabaret Professionals. Featured performers include Anne Pringle Burnell (vocalist and director), musical direction by Mark Burnell with Joshua Ramos(bass) and Charles Rick Heath IV(drums). Featuring performs Johnny Rodgers, Frieda Lee, Greta Pope, Daryl Nitz, Ellen Winters Reynolds, Jeannie Tanner, and Nate Buescher.

Plus they talk about their event at City Winery Chicago on July 29th called "The Women of Mister Kelly's" and also Mark's regular Saturday gig at Tortoise Supper Club with his trio. Watch more interviews and get more jazz information at

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