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How Tim Fitzgerald's Full House Revives the Legacy of Wes Montgomery at the Green Mill Nov 18 & 19

Guitarist Tim Fitzgerald joins Mike Jeffers on Episode 021 of Around Town to discuss his tribute to one of the greatest guitarists ever with his new recording, "Tim Fitzgerald's Full House." The album is a collection of some of Wes Montgomery's most iconic tracks, played by Fitzgerald and his band.

Fitzgerald has been studying Montgomery's playing for his entire life, and it shows on this record. His guitar work is impeccable, and he captures the essence of Montgomery's style while still making the songs his own. The rest of the band is just as tight, providing support and allowing Fitzgerald to shine.

If you're a fan of Wes Montgomery or simply want to hear some great jazz guitar playing, be sure to check out Tim Fitzgerald's Full House. The album is out on Cellar Live and the group will celebrate the release on November 18th & 19th, at the Green Mill.


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